Download SIkandar's crypter V8 Cracked

Basic information:
Sikandar's crypter is the longest running crypter sold on and is one of the best programs ever sold. The crypter has two parts, one which enables you to crypt a file having no dependancies(C++ stub) and the other giving you an option to crypt your files using a managed(.Net) stub. So, the dependancy of the output file is based on your choice whether to choose a native compilation or managed compilation. There is a mini crypter which comes free with this amazing product.

You can find the outline of features here. You can read the whole list later below.
         [] 7 encryption methods.
         [] 'Native' and 'Managed' compilation.
         [] Unique stub generator. (Built-in)
         [] File binder. (Any extension)
         [] 20 Antis.
         [] 7 process killers.
         [] Portable executable nuke. (Obfuscation methods)
         [] 13 website blockers.
         [] Add to start-up.
         [] Start-up persistence.
         [] Execution persistence.
         [] Mutex generation.
         [] Output code generator.
         [] Assembly information generator.
         [] File cloner.
         [] Message box.
         [] Cure infection.
         [] Scan4you scanner. (Built-in)
         [] Downloader
         [] Webpage loader.
         [] Spreaders. (Omegle, WinRAR and LAN)
         [] Custom data storage. (Resource string or Resource Library)
         [] Save/Load settings automatically.
Also notice that the options will be based on the type of compilation you choose.

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